Housetraining Your Jug

If you are buying your Jug as a Jug, the first thing you have to worry about is housetraining.

Many dog owners mistakenly assume that housetraining is a long and drawn-out process.

If you do it correctly, however, it can actually be very simple, and your Jug could be housetrained in as little as 14 days.

1.) Select a certain portion of the yard where you want your dog to do his business – this will help reduce the amount you have to clean up after your dog and will clarify your expectations when you take your dog out.

2.) As soon as you bring your Jug home, take him outside to the designated area and give him a chance to do his business.

3.) When you take your dog outside, you may choose to use a command like “go potty” or “go pee,” so your Jug will learn to associate the command with that area of the yard and, subsequently, learn what you want him to do when you say it.

4.) Limit your Jug’s reign in the house to whatever room you are in – this will help to prevent accidents.

5.) Take your Jug outside once every hour or so and give him a chance to do his business.

6.) When your Jug does his business in the designated area, praise him excitedly and offer him a treat – if your Jug learns that this behavior pleases you, he will be more apt to repeat it in the future.

7.) Always take your Jug outside within thirty minutes of a meal and just before bed time – these are the times when your Jug is most likely to need to “go.”

8.) Keep your Jug in the crate overnight and do not leave food or water in the crate – this will only increase the likelihood of an accident.

9.) Make sure the crate is only large enough for your Jug to stand up, turn around and lie down – dogs have a natural aversion to soiling their beds, so if there isn’t a lot of extra space, it will dissuade your Jug from having an accident in it.

10.) Do not leave your Jug in the crate for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time – as your Jug gets older, he will develop the ability to control his bladder over longer periods of time.

11.) Take your Jug out of the crate and outside as soon as you wake up in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Housetraining Your Jug”

  1. Hoping someone can offer some advice. We brought home two jug pups in December. 1 female and 1 male (brother and sister). She has now developed going form being loving to absolute anger at her brother. She will start staring at him and then a low growl. She then proceeds to go into a snarling rage and starts attacking him, literally trying to kill him. He can simply be sitting down doing nothing and she’ll walk to him and just attack.

    The thought of rehoming her is killing me as we keep our animals for life. I really need to find a way to address and stop this before she seriously injures him. If I can’t fix the issue I will have no choice but to rehome her. 🙁


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