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If you have never encountered the Jug breed before, you may be wondering why anyone would want to cross the Jack Russell Terrier and Pug breeds.

The reason for crossing any two breeds of dog is simple – to create the ideal combination of physical and temperamental characteristics.

In crossing the Jack Russell Terrier and Pug breeds, you are left with a small-breed dog that is ideal for apartment life as a companion pet.

Jugs typically exhibit a combination of the best characteristics for both breeds, including the following:

• Small size from both Jack Russell and Pug breeds

• Smooth, short coat of the Pug (may be a little longer depending on Jack Russell parentage)

• Affectionate and friendly with family (combination of both breeds)
• Very intelligent and trainable — from the Jack Russell breed

• Loving disposition, craves time with family from the Pug breed

• Some level of hunting instinct from the Jack Russell breed

• Attractive combination of colors from both breeds

As is true with any dog, regardless whether it is a purebred or a hybrid breed, the individual characteristics and temperament may vary depending on parentage and breeding.

With Jugs, the physical characteristics in regard to the facial and body structure as well as coat length and color can vary greatly from one litter to another.

In terms of personality and temperament, however, the Jack Russell and Pug breeds are fairly compatible so a Jug will exhibit the best qualities of both breeds.

Jug Dog

UK Jug Breeders

Little Rascals
Address: The Dairies
Brant Broughton

E-mail: info@littlerascalsuk.com
Telephone: 01522 789 191

List of Breeders of Jugs

Are you a breeder of Jug dogs?

We are seeking to list responsible breeders in order to help our readers who are searching and looking to buy a Jug (cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug).

Just  send us an email to cafeb@hotmail.co.uk so we can get you listed in our breeder directory, you can be in any of the United States or even internationally such as the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa – literally anywhere in the world and we will list you.


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  1. Hi my name is Denise I live in Melbourne Victoria. And I am looking for a jug male to breed with her. She is 2 and hard years old. And she is bueatful. She looks like the pug jug breed. She cost me $1300. She just came with a vet record. I have breed dogs before. Staffys and shushes. So I no what to expect. But I can’t find the right person to talk to about breeding her. With the right male. So I guess I am looking for a jug pug. She is happy fat lovey. She has taken to me. And will play with the other dog we have. But she didn’t like cats to much. But that’s fine. We worked it out. So I guess if you no who I can contact to mate her with a mate. That would be great. She not very big girl. She didn’t even come up to my knees. But she is strong boned and a lovey face. Hope u can help. Denise williams


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