Jug Puppies

Is a Jug puppy the dog for you?

Without question, puppy Jugs are adorable. For many people, it’s an instant attraction, but I’m actually not a big fan of adopting a dog on the basis of “window shopping.”

You need to learn everything you can about the breed — which you are clearly doing by reading this book — and preferably spend some time with Jugs before you make your decision.

Never adopt any breed until you know, in so much as it is possible to do so, what living with the dog will be like. That includes exploring all of the possible parameters of an adoption to make the right choice.


How Many Should You Buy?

The answer to this question varies depending on a number of factors. First, you have to consider whether you have the time and financial resources to care for more than one Jug dog.

Do not purchase a second dog just because you think the first one might be lonely – you should only purchase two dogs if you can give both of them the highest level of care possible.

Another factor to consider is whether Jugs can get along peacefully with other dogs.

For the most part, Pugs do well with other dogs if they are properly socialized while still young. If they aren’t trained well, however, Pugs can become jealous around other dogs and may start to develop aggressive or guarding behavior.

Jack Russell Terriers also have a tendency to be dominant around other dogs, especially if they are not trained or socialized early enough.

If you do choose to buy more than one Jug dog, it is best to buy both of them at the same time while they are still young. Puppies are very impressionable and the first few months of their lives are the ideal time to introduce changes and new situations because that is when the puppy is most adaptable.

If you buy both of your Jugs at the same time and raise them together, you are unlikely to have trouble with them getting along in the future. Keep in mind, however, that proper training and socialization is necessary to ensure that your Jugs get along with other dogs.

jugs playing

Pros and Cons of Jug Puppies

Before you bring home any new pet, you would be wise to consider the pros and cons. Every pet has its individual advantages and disadvantages, but some will simply be more suitable for you and your family than others.

Below you will find an overview of the pros and cons for the Jug breed so you can make an informed decision regarding whether this is the right pet for you:

Pros for Jug Dogs

• Very intelligent breed, generally responds well to firm and consistent training
• Small breed, adaptable to apartments and small houses
• Doesn’t necessarily need a yard if given adequate daily exercise
• Generally friendly around people, affectionate with family
• Get along well with children if properly socialized from a young age
• Makes a great family pet or companion pet
• May get along with other dogs and pets if properly socialized
• Coat is generally short and easy to maintain

three jug pups

Cons for Jug Dogs

• Can be stubborn and may develop “small dog syndrome” if not properly trained
• May be aggressive or jealous toward other dogs if not properly socialized while young
• Prone to several health problems including obesity and joint problems
• Fairly rare, may be difficult to find at an affordable price
• May become destructive if not properly exercised

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  1. my jug is 16 months old how do I get her from being so nosey outside when it’s time to go for her potty walk where she is staring at more people and minding their business then doing her own business

  2. I have a 8 month jug. He is so good and training is going well. I would like to buy another jug for company. I would really like to have one a out 6 months. Is there any jug rescue kennels I could go to


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