Meet Zoey & Gracie – Jugs from Pennsylvania

The interview below is with Jenn, owner of Zoey, age 10 1/2 years and Gracie, age 6 months from Pennsylvania.

Jenn, perhaps we could start by you telling us how long you have been a Jug owner?

I have been a jug owner for 10 1/2 years.

How much did they cost to buy?

Zoey was $275 and Gracie was $240.

Where did you buy them from?

Zoey came from Jack’s Dog Farm in Pipersville, Pennsylvania. Gracie was found through and picked up in Paradise, Pennsylvania from the breeder.


Do you have any advice to potential new buyers/owners?

Jugs are high energy and mischievous. They can be stubborn when training them. On the other hand, they are lovable, smart, and entertaining. They love to be around people. They have big personalities in little bodies.


Have they had any health issues?

Both Zoey and Gracie have underbites. So far there have been no health issues with their teeth. Gracie has nostrils that are small. The vet has recommended surgery to remove some tissue in Gracie’s nose.

Why do you think people should choose the Jug over another breed of dog?

I think people who have patience and love should choose a jug. Both Zoey and Gracie have made themselves known wherever we go. Jugs are a bit more of a challenge then other breeds, so this is not a good breed for someone who cannot dedicate time to their pup.

What would you say are common mistakes that you have seen Jug owners make?

Common mistakes are not dog proofing their home and belongings. Nothing is off limits to a jug.

Zoey the jug

What are your routines such as how often and what types of food do you feed?

Both Zoey and Gracie do not like waking up early in the morning. They both get half a cup of kibble and a mix of sweet potatoes and boiled chicken or ground turkey twice a day. Gracie gets a midday bowl of kibble since she is still a puppy. They are fed Nutro dog food and puppy food. It is important to be mindful not to overfeed the pups, because they will eat, and eat, and eat.

Can you offer any tips, advice, and perhaps some accessories that you wouldn’t be without?

Toys without stuffing are a must. Kong toys also help keep them entertained.

gracie the jug

2 thoughts on “Meet Zoey & Gracie – Jugs from Pennsylvania”

  1. I love my jug she’s 12 I got her after meeting zoey! Chloe is ry,full of energy still and of my three dogs she’s the most favorite.she loves to play and has been involved in a pet therapy program at the school where I worked.she is best buds with zoey and Abby Jenn’s dogs.

  2. How are Jugs with other dogs? I have a 16 year old Cockapoo, he is deaf, and just lays around all day, and we also have a tiny Chihuahua who is 8. In her mind,she is 100 lbs, I’m sure she would like the jug, but would watch him/her. I believe I need to get a female jug, would be less competion.

    So, any ideas on what I should do. We are retired, and I’m a Disabled Veteran, I want a small dog to take with us on trips with the Chihuahua, unfortunately, Cody or Cockapoo will so cross the rainbow ????.


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