Training Your Jug Puppy

Training starts from the minute you bring your Jug home.

You may not realize it, but everything you do teaches your Jug puppy how to act. Many dog owners make the mistake of giving their puppy free reign for the first few weeks and then they are surprised when it comes time for training and the puppy has already developed hard-to-break habits.

If you want to raise a well-trained and obedient Jug, you should start your training early by rewarding your puppy for doing the things you want him to do and discouraging him from unwanted behaviors.

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What Should I Avoid When Training my Jug?

The worst thing you can do when training your Jug is to yell at him or use punishment. Positive reinforcement training methods – that is, rewarding your dog for good behavior – are infinitely more effective than negative reinforcement – training by punishment.

It is important when training your Jug that you do not allow yourself to get frustrated. If you feel yourself starting to get angry, take a break and come back to the training session later.

Why is punishment-based training so bad? Think about it this way – your dog should listen to you because he wants to please you, right? If you train your dog using punishment, he could become fearful of you and that could put a damper on your relationship with him. Do your dog and yourself a favor by using positive reinforcement.

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Dealing With Barking

We have been asked about Jugs barking excessively and how to deal with this. The truth is it’s the Jack Russell in them, they can’t help themselves!

Michael Westhead suggest this tip: “I use an empty plastic bottle filled with a few small stones and shake it and the sound stops my three Jugs barking. It takes time just keep shaking it every time he barks (even outside) and with constant shake and the word no it will get better but it will never stop them completely because dogs bark.”

Alyson Jones: “Ours is also very quiet but does bark at anything with four legs on the T.V. They are wonderful companions.”

Sharron Halstead: “My Jug boy barks at horses and people walking by so we use the plastic bottle filled with pasta, it does work and he knows we don’t like him barking, he then tries to keep it in but it is like he has Tourette’s. I think it’s just their character. Water sprayed at them works too.”

Julie Moore Kerkhove: “Our Jug is now 3 and we also have a Jack Russell. Both as bad as each other! Our Jug loves running up and down the back garden, chasing and barking at seagulls – a car door slams – barking, people walking past the house talking loudly – barking. Also chases the Henry Hoover around and barks frantically at it. I have given up! Lol.”

Marion Barmy Majors: “I have one who never barks at anyone or any dog in the street. But when there’s one on the tele she goes mad even knows the ads music ????

Sarah Willacy: “Mine never barks apart from at the brush when you’re sweeping up. I thought she would from the Jack Russell in her. It must just be in their make up x”

Mandy Reeves: “It’s the jack Russell in them, they can’t help themselves!”

Naomi Humphrey: “Mine barks all the time, nothing is working to stop her ????”

Claire Devereux: “I’m sure it’s a character trait they all vary though on the amount they bark etc xx”

Here is a video of a Jug barking:


7 thoughts on “Training Your Jug Puppy”

  1. My 7 month old Jug potty’s on the couch and beds. How can I fix this. She will potty on the carpet but not on the hard wood floor. Is this due to using a puppy pad with her first owner’?

  2. I think that Jug puppies are so cute! I want to get one, but I’m worried about how well they will train. Thanks for the information about how to train them! I like how you say to use positive reinforcement. I’m going to try it!

  3. i have a 11 month old jug i got him when he was 10 months so trying to train him is hard. i can’t leave him alone unless in his cage or he starts chewing facings and cables and candles and starts trashing place really. he is just a wee devil and give him row and he just thinks he is having carry on. can’t let him off the lead either

  4. My Jug, Dexter, is a handful but he is very smart. He has a lot of Jack Russell energy in him and I’d say that outweighs the Pug in him. Despite his energy, he is very intelligent and is alert and aware of his surroundings at all times. He understands sit, stay, and will give me his paw. He holds his potty overnight and while I’m at work. He does have some issues like hyperactivity at times, but we are working on it since he spends a lot of time in the house and it isn’t his fault. Overall, I’m very happy with my Jug mix and I look forward to continuing his training.

  5. My 21 month old Jug uses his teeth to show huge affection. I have tried to stop this behaviour by constantly saying “stop” and putting one of his toys in his mouth. I’m spraying him with water too. When he gets very excited, he runs after my feet and bites them. It is becoming extremely annoying now. My young nieces don’t want to visit me anymore as they are afraid of him even though he is so playful and loving…… HELP

  6. We’re expecting our little Jug pup “Ripley” in 3 weeks, because of the lockdown we have to have her transported, which means she will be 10 weeks when we get her. I’ve had quite a few cross breeds in my life but none this small. I’ve done a lot of research on the breed, she is actually 3/4 Jack Russell and 1/4 pug, mum is a Jug, dad a Jack Russell, so most of my research has been on the Jack Russells, and I have to admit, it was a bit worrying, as they seem to need some very strong consistent training to ensure biting and barking are avoided. We are both at home so having time is not an issue, but just wondering if anyone has some constructive tips, we have Grandchildren so biting is an absolute no no. Nearly all articles I’ve read say the Jack Russell is wired a bit different to other dogs so needs more specialised training. We don’t know how much of the Pug and how much of the Jack Russell will show in her personality, so any tips would be appreciated.

  7. Our jug Lucky is 3 yrs old. Absolutely love her, but she does bark at any animals on TV, and some humans (I hate to say this but she appears to be a dreadful racist)! Any tips on this?


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