Food and Nutrition for Your Jug Dog

Dogs require a graduated program of nutrition as they age.

Puppies of four months or less should receive four small meals a day.

From age four to eight months, switch to three meals per day, and then twice daily feedings at eight months and older.

Put your puppy’s food down for approximately 10-20 minutes, and then take it back up again. Do not use the practice of “free feeding,” which is leaving dry food out for the dog at all times.

Use only a high-quality, premium, dry puppy food, preferably whatever the dog was used to eating at the kennel. Switching foods can lead to gastrointestinal upset, so try to maintain the dog’s existing routine in so much as it is possible to do so.

Always read the label on any food you purchase to ensure that the first items listed are meat, fishmeal, or whole grains. You do not want to use a food that contains large amounts of cornmeal or meat byproducts. These “filler foods” are low in nutritional value and increase the amount of waste the dog will produce per day, as well as adding to flatulence problems.

Jug walking

Wet foods can cause digestive issues with Jug puppies and may not have the correct nutritional balance for your growing dog. Wet foods are also more difficult to measure, so the chances are much greater that the puppy will be over or under fed.

Portion control is extremely important with this breed. Measure the dry food you offer your dog, and use only the recommended portion based on the puppy’s weight.

Use food and water dishes that can’t be tipped over. Stainless steel bowls are easier to keep clean and can be purchased as part of a unit that will slightly elevate the feeding surface. Even though your puppy may not be “tall” enough for that option just yet, he can grow into it, so you won’t have to replace his dishes in the future.

Feeders with stainless steel bowls for both food and water are typically available for less than $25 / £14.87. Stainless steel is best because they are easy to clean, and they do not harbor bacteria like plastic or ceramic dishes can.

Why not tell us below in the comments box below, what you feed your Jug – and how often?

Nicola Howard-Boyd wrote in to say “We feed our Jugs, James Wellbeloved – anything else gives them an upset tummy! They are 6 months old so we currently feed them three times a day 35g x”



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  1. I have a 3 month old female jug how much dry food in weight should she b having and how often. Please advise


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